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About Me

I’ve led a difficult yet blessed life. As a little girl in Liberia, I witnessed my country descend into civil war and saw friends and family murdered in front of me. By the grace of God, some of my family and I were able to get out. We found ourselves resettling in Aurora.

Aurora has given me so much. My life has been full of opportunities and blessings, chief among them the opportunity to live and achieve the American dream, and now I am running for City Council to create more opportunities for our children and our city.

As a first-generation immigrant and U.S. citizen, I learned firsthand how to successfully navigate the economic and cultural challenges to become a college graduate, homeowner and business owner. I understand the issues and challenges that face Aurora. Everyone in our city, whether a new immigrant or a fifth-generation resident, wants similar things: better education and more opportunities for themselves and their children, a higher standard of living, and a feeling of safety and security in their community.

I raised my daughter, Neffie, as a single mom. It was challenging, but I made it. She’ll be graduating from college next year, and I’m so proud of her. All of our children should have better lives and more opportunity than we did, and it starts with education, which is a great equalizer and a springboard to economic opportunity. Over 500 young people drop out of school in Aurora every year. I believe our City has failed these individuals, and I will develop programs that will connect them to work and help them find their purpose. As a graduate of Aurora Central, Metropolitan State University and the University of Colorado, I know the power of ambition, hard work and education.

The path to success for our residents and our city is also through entrepreneurialism and the promotion of small businesses. With the continued growth we have been witnessing in Aurora, there are opportunities for innovation and social entrepreneurial endeavors. I will support these by providing economic investment and incentives to keep businesses here as well as by attracting new businesses through tax-incentives and the cutting of bureaucratic red tape.

As a member of the African Leadership Group and the Women Empowerment Group, I help members of the immigrant community integrate into American society. I’ve served as a board member of COMTO Colorado, a forum for senior minority professionals in the transportation industry, and the Citizens Advisory Budget Committee (CABC) in Aurora and have been a member of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. With a background in auditing and finance gained through my work with Lockheed Martin, Regional Transportation District (RTD), and US West, I will bring vital experience to ensure that the Aurora City Council is accountable to Aurora taxpayers.

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